Bombay Blue - Indian and Hakka Cuisine

With a seasoning of passion along with dollops of determination, we bring to you our dream project –– Bombay Blue. Experience the culinary traditions of Indian and Hakka cuisines unravel in your plates like never before.

Onboard with us are gastronomy wizards who have pursued the art of spice for decades and are committed to transporting you to the East with each spoonful. We are also blessed to have a wonderful service team that understands the needs of our patrons and strives to offer dining services you would fondly remember.

The toothsome affair in your plate is the purposeful combination of some of the freshest available produce, wholesome ingredients, and exotic spices. So we welcome you to a dining experience that will satiate the whole range of your palatal cravings and quirks with a rich, versatile menu. What’s more, our chefs, with their keen sense of plating aesthetics, present to you picture-perfect, Instagram-able dishes for your social-media appetite.

Be it an intimate gathering or a full-on celebration, a date or a business meeting –– Bombay Blue would love to be your host.


Authentic Indian Food

Bombay Blue has brought the global approach of dining with a focus on authentic Indian food as well as there are several varieties of dishes with most falling into Hakka Cuisine. The food is excellent, the servings are generous and the atmosphere warm and friendly.

Expect Best... Ever

One of the most defining characteristics of Indian culture is its excellent hospitality. Our aim is to satisfy each guest just like family.

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Monday : 12 To 03 PM - 05 PM To 12 AM

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Sunday : 12 To 03 PM - 05 PM To 12 AM


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